1. When Should Modifications Be Considered in Child Custody?

    Celebrity divorces and child custody battles are read about via newsstands and tabloid websites on a daily basis. Although many read for the shock value or possibly to feel better about themselves, you may actually pick up a thing or two about how divorce law works.  For instance, you may be famili…Read More

  2. Keeping Your Divorce Case Out of Court

    “If I could make a better way so you could see a better day, baby I would.” - Author Unknown At one time in recent history, you and another person chose one another forever. It was clear at the time that there was no one on earth you trusted more and no one you would rather involve in the intima…Read More

  3. Choosing the Right Divorce Attorney For You

    Finding a divorce attorney that suits your unique situation can be a daunting task. Whether the two of you have seen it coming for quite some time or the reality of divorce seemed to come out of nowhere, dealing with the emotional repercussions alone can be strenuous and burdensome. Making a hasty d…Read More