1. Divorce: Breaking the News to the Kids

    Divorce can be difficult – not only for the adults involved but for any minor children that are brought into this process. Several studies focus on how parents tell their children about divorce, but few address or even discuss the children’s reactions. While this conversation is not easy, it wi…Read More

  2. Who is Responsible for Mortgage Payments during Separation?

    A separation is a tool utilized by couples who are not sure about where their relationship is heading. The relationship may need a pause, in order for the couple to determine if they will work out their issues or proceed with a divorce. A separation however, is not permanent, whereas a divorce is th…Read More

  3. Custody and Your Child’s Best Interest

    Divorces involve more than a couple separating and who gets what property. If the couple have children, then one of the main factors of a divorce are the children and their best interests. Sometimes people are so worried about what they can win away from their partner that they hurt their children …Read More

  4. Child Support Trends and Statistics in Arizona

    There are very specific child support guidelines in the state of Arizona that courts follow when determining the amount of child support that the supporting parent will pay. With the change of demographics in the workforce the trends and statistics surrounding those numbers are changing. Who is the …Read More

  5. Child Custody Interference

    Custodial Interference Generally, custodial interference occurs when someone tries to disrupt the custodial rights of a parent. While it doesn’t always involve one parent against another (Grandparents or new spouses can sometimes interfere), it is most often the case. Child custody is one of the t…Read More

  6. How to Get Unsupervised Visitation

    Courts order supervised visitation in some high conflict or high risk custody disputes. Supervised visitation is usually carried out on a schedule, with a limited number of hours per week. The visit can take place in public, such as at a restaurant, or at the home of the parent. A professional provi…Read More