If you live in the state of Arizona and are planning on filing for divorce, then there are several important things you have to know. Divorces can be quite complicated in any state. However, if you understand the key facts about divorce, then it will be a lot easier for you to go through this ordeal. Below is a list of three facts about Arizona divorce:

How Long Must A Person Be A Resident Of Arizona Before Filing For Divorce?

You or your spouse must have been a resident of Arizona for at least 90 days before filing for divorce. There is also a 60-day period that one must wait after filing for divorce before it can be finalized. Keep in mind that there are no common law marriages in Arizona. However, if you and your spouse had a common law marriage in another state, and then moved to Arizona, then Arizona would recognize this marriage.

Arizona Is A No-Fault Divorce State

In some states, the person who files for divorce has to state the reason he or she wants to end the marriage. However, Arizona is a no-fault divorce state. This means that neither spouse has to list a reason the marriage is ending. All one has to do is state that they believe that the marriage has been irretrievably broken.

Covenant Marriages Are Recognized In Arizona

Arizona is one of three states that recognizes covenant marriage. Covenant marriages are different from traditional marriages. A covenant marriage is a type of union that requires that the couple go through pre-marital counseling and marital counseling if problems occur during the marriage.

Covenant marriages cannot be ended with a no-fault divorce. The following conditions are the only reasons a couple may end a covenant marriage 1.)Adultery 2.) One spouse is convicted of a felony that warrants the death penalty or life in prison. 3.) One spouse has abandoned the other one. 4.) There is domestic violence against the children, spouse or other relative. 5.) The couple has been living separately for two or more years, and they have not reconciled. 6.) The spouses have been living apart for more than a year after being legally separated. 7.) There is habitual drug or alcohol use. 8.)Both people agree to the marital dissolution.

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