There is almost never an easy answer when it comes to issues such as divorce, child support, custody, and visitation rights. Many times, the parents will need to come together with their legal representatives or before a judge on at least a few occasions to flesh out the specifics, but some are unsure of what to do when these situations take a dramatic turn for the worse. This includes when children begin to show signs that they are afraid of their father and do everything in their power to avoid visiting with him.

In this scenario it is important for mothers to tread lightly in order to achieve what is best for their children. These situations can become extremely muddled and no one wants to get pulled into a lengthy legal battle that is expensive and difficult on the kids. The first thing for the mother to remember is that the court will never allow a father that is proven to abuse their children to have any custody rights. The next step is to contact the legal representatives here at Kossack Law Firm to explore your options.

Where to Begin

A mother should never feel as if she must allow her kids to go anywhere that puts them in physical or emotional danger, but it is vital to carry out this process as delicately as possible. Throwing out severe accusations before a judge or approaching one’s ex will often result in some unwanted side effects and could even go bad for the mother that is making the claims. The primary legal obligation of both parents is to uphold whatever agreement has been reached unless they suspect something such as abuse has taken place.

Determining What is Happening

If the child is simply unwilling to go to another parent’s home because it is not as fun, there may not be many options for getting them out of these visitation periods. If a parent suspects that something more severe is taking place, it is important to get to the bottom of it immediately. This may include such options as having the child speak with a counselor or even a family doctor that can help unravel exactly what is happening.

If any signs of abuse are discovered, there are immediate grounds to put a halt on all visitations while scheduling a hearing before a judge. If the children are simply unhappy and the mother thinks it is in their best interest, she may also push for restricted or fewer visitations with their father.

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