1. How To Make And Break A Premarital Agreement In Arizona

    A growing number of marriages in Arizona are second or subsequent marriages, and these relationships often involve substantial property division issues, since both husband and wife have substantial assets and debts, and inheritance issues, due to the presence of stepchildren. Left unattended, these …Read More

  2. Five Ways to Challenge a Prenuptial Agreement

    Your spouse is seeking a divorce and you are concerned about your future since you signed a prenuptial agreement before getting married. You worry that, with a prenup in place, you will be forced out onto the streets and have no basis for pursuing spousal support or other forms of support. Do not fr…Read More

  3. Five Tips for an Enforceable Prenuptial Agreement

    You are planning to walk down the aisle, but want to ensure both you and your spouse go into the marriage with an understanding of how assets will be divided, in case you decide to part ways. It is a difficult conversation to have and many spouses become defensive when the subject of a “prenup” …Read More

  4. Common Questions About Prenuptial Agreements

    You have met the love of your life and are planning to get married. Along with wedding plans and contemplating your future together, a thought enters your mind – do I need a prenuptial agreement? That question can only be answered by you. Nevertheless, some important questions about these contract…Read More

  5. Seven Reasons Why a Prenuptial Agreement May Be Right For You

    Although it is anything but romantic, the creation of a prenuptial agreement may be more important than many think, especially if the circumstances call for such a document. Prenuptial agreements are not just for the rich and famous; often these legal documents provide for both the financial well-be…Read More

  6. Intellectual property and prenuptial agreements

    Intellectual property is a term referring to products, ideas, artistic works, trade secrets trademarks, logos, etc. that are the product of one’s intellect or creation. This also covers music, literature, photography, discoveries, inventions, and even phrases and symbols. Intellectual Property as …Read More

  7. Prenuptial mistakes to avoid

    It may not sound romantic, but going into a marriage with a prenuptial agreement might be a good choice. A prenuptial agreement is a legal document that determines what happens in the event of a divorce. It can address everything from the property that each person brings into the marriage and it can…Read More

  8. Customizing Your Prenuptial Agreement in Arizona

    You’re planning your walk down the aisle, and you hear your future spouse say the words, “prenuptial agreement.” For some, a prenuptial agreement is the beginning of the end, but don’t let people convince you that by signing a prenuptial agreement, you’re setting your marriage up to fail.…Read More

  9. Prenuptial Agreements

    Engaged couples planning to wed in Arizona should consider how individual assets brought to the union will be handled if divorce or spousal death separate them. Prenuptial agreements are a practical means to ensure protection of either spouse’s individual property in the state of Arizona. A prenup…Read More

  10. Real People Need Prenuptial Agreements

    A prenuptial agreement is a contractual agreement between prospective marital partners. A prenuptial agreement is typically used to prepare for what occurs if the couple decides to divorce or separate in the future. Prenuptial agreements cover a wide array of circumstances or issues. According to th…Read More