1. Listing Fake Father Can Cause Paternity Nightmare

    Under Arizona law, when a child is born out of wedlock, the parents may file an acknowledgment of paternity (see form CS-127). Once this acknowledgment is signed and filed, courts operate under the presumption that the man named in the document is the child’s biological father. But what if the man…Read More

  2. How to Annul Your Arizona Marriage

    There are several requirements in order to properly annul a marriage in Arizona. These include: Before filling out a petition for annulment, maintain residency in the state of Arizona; If children are involved, seek out the help of an attorney because the same issues that arise in a divorce will occ…Read More

  3. Paternity Suits

    In some instances that involve the question of who is a child's biological father, a paternity suit may be filed to not only establish this fact, but also pave the way for a child's mother to collect child support payments. In Arizona, many family attorneys focus on making sure dads rights are prote…Read More

  4. How Do I Start the Process of Determining Paternity?

    The laws that help establish paternity often vary from state to state and can even be different based on whether or not the parents were married to one another. Since paternity plays such an important role in determining child support, it's crucial to fully understand the different aspects the court…Read More

  5. My wife is refusing to let me do a paternity test on our child

    If you are a man whose wife is refusing to let you do a paternity test, you have rights that you should know about. Family law can be very complex, and of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to looking into whether you are the biological parent of a child. It is important that you weigh y…Read More