When you are sharing custody of your child, you need to remember that small things crop up all the time. You cannot manage your schedule with your child without a little assistance from an attorney. You may not need to take this case very far, but you still need an advocate to help you. When your child’s extracurriculars interfere with your visitation, something must be done.

The Schedule

There are many times when the things your child wants to do interferes with your schedule out of coincidence. You can get help from your attorney to reschedule your parenting time, or you can work with your ex in the company of your attorney to change the schedule. If your ex is not receptive, your attorney may need to do more to handle the situation.

The Cease And Desist Letter

Your attorney can send a cease and desist letter to your ex or their attorney to make sure that they know the schedule needs to change. This is an effective technique used by lawyers all the time, and it may facilitate the change that you are looking for. If this letter does not work, you need to get your attorney to take other measures to make sure that you can see your child.

Going Back To The Judge

When you want to get the matter handled properly, you may need to go back to the judge. This is not the time for you to speak to the judge, but it is a time for the judge to schedule a hearing so that you can present your case. Your attorney can present your case for the visitation hours being changed, and you can present evidence showing that the child’s extracurriculars are interfering. You are not asking for the child to change what they are doing, but you would like come consideration.

The judge can change the visitation hours in your favor, or they can help you to come to an arrangement with your ex. You will be able to get this done, but you need to have an attorney working with you who is going to help you get the outcome you are looking for. Please contact us online or by calling 480-345-2652 today.