Proving you’re a fit parent is extremely important if you are seeking custody of your child. Fortunately, it isn’t terribly difficult to prove that you are fit parent if you really are such a parent. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can prove your competence as a parent.

Steady Employment

Steady employment shows a couple things. It shows that you are responsible enough to hold down a job. Employers aren’t going to keep an employee around if the employee is constantly late and isn’t capable of doing the work. Also, people who don’t get along with other people might not last long at a job.

Having steady employment also shows that you can financially support your child. Showing the court that you can provide your child with food, clothing and shelter never hurts when it comes to proving competence as a parent.

Ideally, you want to be in a situation where you don’t need the financial assistance of the other parent or the state. You want to show that you are capable of supporting your child without any outside assistance from others.

Time Invested

Being a fit parent isn’t all about finances. It’s about love. First and foremost, a child requires love from a parent. One of the best ways a parent can show that he or she loves a child is to spend time with that child.

If you have scheduled visitation, never miss it. Never show up late to scheduled visits. If anything, you want to petition the court for more
visitation rights. This will show how serious you are about being a great parent for your child.

Great Character References

People are often judged by the company they keep. You will be no different when you try to prove that you’re a fit parent. Keep good company. Have a few respectable people write character reference letters for you. Although family counts, letters from people who aren’t related to you will usually hold more weight.

Character references can come from people such as current or former bosses, teachers or clergy. Even a neighbor can provide a letter of reference for you.

Use the above tips to help prove that you are a fit parent who deserves custody of your child.

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