1. Enforcement of Child Support Orders

    You have the right to child support payments coming in on a consistent basis, without delays and without having to argue with the noncustodial parent every time. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many Arizona parents. To be sure, 25 percent of parents do not receive any child support that they…Read More

  2. What is Split Custody?

    It Can be Harmful to be Split Up If one parent decides to move to another state or city and there are two children, why should the parent who stays (or the parent who leaves for that matter) get to have physical custody over both of the children when one could live with the father and one could live…Read More

  3. Pet Custody Lawyer

    If you could save only one piece of property from your home during a fire, what would it be? A family heirloom, your laptop, a photo album, your phone, a piece of jewelry? For many people, their most valuable item is not really an “item” at all, but a member of the family, albeit not a human mem…Read More

  4. Can Your Custody Order Change Over Time?

    Many parents with custody orders have found that circumstances have changed over the years which require the custody order to be modified. As long as the two parents agree about modifications, the court order should be easily changed. However, there are cases when parents do not agree, and they deci…Read More

  5. An Overview of Child Custody Law in Arizona

    If you are getting divorced and have children, one of the most contentious and emotionally difficult issues is custody. It is important to go into a divorce mediation or court hearing with an understanding of what to expect.  Understanding Legal Custody You and your spouse will need to agree on cus…Read More

  6. Can a Divorcing Stepparent Get Custody of a Child?

    It is a common scenario – a man or woman with a child meets someone and decides to get married. Their new spouse is the child’s stepparent. But what happens if the marriage ends and they get divorced? Can the stepparent get custody of the child? Under Arizona law, you may be surprised to learn t…Read More

  7. Getting Divorced and Dealing with Children

    Getting divorced can be difficult. But it is especially challenging when children are involved. If you planning to get divorced and you anticipate child custody will be an issue, you should hire an experienced Tempe family law attorney that will fight for your rights as a parent. Child custody laws …Read More

  8. Common Questions About Prenuptial Agreements

    You have met the love of your life and are planning to get married. Along with wedding plans and contemplating your future together, a thought enters your mind – do I need a prenuptial agreement? That question can only be answered by you. Nevertheless, some important questions about these contract…Read More

  9. Why Marriages Fail

    Divorce - just like marriage - is a life-altering event. Everyone is affected when a marriage ends in divorce. This includes the former couple, the children, family members and even friends. Even if the separation was an agreeable one, the process of divorce can be stressful and traumatic. The reaso…Read More

  10. Grounds for Your Divorce

    Across the nation, couples are petitioning for divorce on a daily basis. Each state has its own unique grounds by which a dissolution of marriage may be granted by the appropriate presiding court. If you or someone you know is seeking a divorce, sufficient proof to the court that the marriage warra…Read More