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  1. Tips For Successful Co-Parenting After Divorce

    If there are children involved in a divorce, the divorce process can be more complicated and a co-parenting agreement will have to be created. In today’s blog post, we’re sharing some tips for successful co-parenting that you can implement both during the divorce process and as you work together…Read More

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    How To Choose A Divorce Lawyer Who’s Right For You

    If you are facing divorce, one of the first questions that may come to mind is: “do I need to hire a divorce lawyer?” And, if the answer is yes, then “how do I choose a lawyer that’s right for me?” Knowing how to choose a divorce lawyer means balancing someone who will provide you with the…Read More

  3. Child Custody During the Pandemic

    As people are being asked to stay home and limit exposure to others during the COVID-19 pandemic, important questions naturally arise from divorced parents feeling conflicted about how to adhere to these guidelines and stay healthy when their children are supposed to be dividing time between two hou…Read More

  4. How to Reduce Your Alimony if You’ve Lost Your Job or Income

    When the unexpected happens and you experience a job loss or a reduction in income, you may qualify to reduce alimony payments. Because courts are now postponing most hearings into the indefinite future because of the coronavirus, it is extremely important that you seek legal relief as soon as possi…Read More

  5. Important Factors Considered in a Child Custody Hearing

    In reaching a decision on child custody matters, a court will consider many factors to determine which parents should have primary custody of the child or to determine whether the parents should share custody of a child. Two factors that are highly considered by the court in determining child custod…Read More

  6. Essential Information About Prenuptial Agreements

    It is a common mistake to think that a prenuptial agreement automatically means that two individuals looking to get married don't expect to stay married. In actuality, a prenuptial agreement is an intelligent choice for any couple, and it certainly does not mean that the marriage won't work out. Wha…Read More