1. Classifying Different Kinds Of Community Property: A Brief Primer

    In Arizona, all property acquired during the marriage, unless that property was a gift, is community property. Although the rule seems clear cut, there are many grey areas. For example, Wife might use funds from her paycheck (community property) to augment a retirement account she acquired before th…Read More

  2. The ABCs Of Mediation

    Prior to mediation, over 90 percent of divorce litigants believe that the procedure will be a complete waste of time because they reason that if they could have talked through their problems, they would not be involved in marriage dissolution litigation. Yet over 70 percent of the litigants who volu…Read More

  3. What Violates the Rights of a Parent to Visitation?

    In Phoenix family law, the rights of a noncustodial parent regarding visitation with their child are normally determined by family court and outlined in a child custody order. The courts try to reduce the emotional toll divorce can cause for children and parents by encouraging visitation with the no…Read More

  4. Important Divorce Mediation Tips

    If you and your spouse have agreed to try and resolve issues related to your divorce at a mediation, you may be nervous and unsure of what to expect. This is perfectly understandable.  Here are five tips for your divorce mediation: Proper Preparation Essential To have an effective and efficient med…Read More

  5. What To Expect at a Divorce Mediation

    Preparing for mediation in an attempt to resolve disputes with your spouse for a pending divorce can be stressful and overwhelming. You may have thoughts of a cold, uninviting room surrounding by your adversarial soon-to-be-ex-spouse and a bunch of lawyers. Do not fret. The mediation process can act…Read More

  6. Sound Financial Planning After Your Arizona Divorce

    A divorce can not only be emotionally stressful, but also financially draining. Life as a newly single person brings on new obligations – including becoming independent when it comes to personal finances. The changes brought on by a legal separation do not end when the ink dries on the paperwork.…Read More

  7. Is Divorce Mediation Right for You?

    Each divorce is as different as the soon-to-be-ex-spouses involved. Going through the divorce process can be expensive and lengthy, not to mention stressful. The option of divorce mediation may be an alternative to a heated battle in court. In divorce mediation, the couple meets with a neutral third…Read More

  8. Divorce process and timeline

    If you’re on the verge of filing for divorce and you’re not sure what the process looks like, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with it now. You need to know what you’re getting into before the stress and emotions of the situation begin to weigh on you. Knowing the process will also g…Read More