Phoenix Family Law Attorney

Ronald L. Kossack is an Arizona attorney whose practice is exclusively devoted to family law at his law firm. Mr. Kossack has been handling cases including divorce, paternity, child custody (decision making), child support, spousal maintenance (alimony), prenuptial agreements, and modifications since 1993. He has represented over 2,500 clients and has served as the lead attorney on more than 1,250 trials and hearings in Tempe, Arizona, and the surrounding areas. His goal is to resolve cases through aggressive negotiation and avoiding costly litigation if possible. When that is not an option, he is ready for trial and has experience in the courtroom.

Mr. Kossack is a master litigator who has a strong presence in the courtroom and has earned the respect of judges and other attorneys. He will provide aggressive representation while fighting to protect your rights. Mr. Kossack knows the law and how to best present and position your case for the ideal possible results under the circumstances. He will handle your case personally from start to finish and discuss every possible option with you throughout your case.


Mr. Kossack has a varied and extensive background with real world experience that benefits his clients. He has been a journalist and reporter appearing on radio and television, which allowed him to sharpen not only his written communication skills but also his ability to ask the important and pertinent questions necessary at trial. Additionally, Mr. Kossack has owned several successful businesses, which taught him how to analyze complex financial information and data, risk/reward analysis and assist clients with difficult financial decisions during emotional times. Mr. Kossack even was a stock options trader on the Chicago Board Options Exchange, which taught him how to think on his feet.

He has served as a residential summer camp director and this experience provides him valuable insight into the needs of the children and how best to serve the foremost interests of the children during difficult times. For the past 20 years, Mr. Kossack has devoted his life to the representation of family law clients and he is ready to represent you.


Every client’s case has a unique set of circumstances and you deserve a thorough analysis of your specific situation. Mr. Kossack will meet with you, gather all the necessary facts, and then, discuss possible courses of action as well as the financial impact of decisions with you. He believes in working as a team and will listen to you to know what you wish to achieve as well as how to guide you to the best possible results. Mr. Kossack believes that each client who comes to his law firm is equally important and deserves the best aggressive as well as thorough representation. His team will answer your questions promptly and ensure that your case is handled professionally and efficiently.

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