1. Divorce and the Mortgage

    One of the most complicated and messy legal matters that must be addressed during divorce is that of the mortgage. “What will happen to our mortgage during the divorce?” is a question that family law attorneys hear all the time. There are many answers to this question, and your attorney will hel…Read More

  2. Serving Divorce Petitions In Arizona

    One of the fundamental rules of law, in divorces or any other civil cases, is that the responding parties must always have notice of the proceedings and an opportunity to be heard, which is why personal service is so important. However, personal service is not always possible, for various reasons. A…Read More

  3. No-Fault Divorce And The Super Friends

    As anticipation starts to build for the upcoming Justice League movie, which may be more of a Super Friends movie according to some, many people wonder what happened to the cartoon versions of everyone’s favorite super heroes. Was it no-fault divorce that closed the Hall of Justice, a feat that al…Read More

  4. Some Differences Between Fault And No-Fault Divorces

    In 1969, California Governor Ronald Reagan, who had promised to “put welfare bums to work” during the gubernatorial campaign, signed one of the nation’s first no-fault divorce laws. Although at the time, no-fault divorce was a very progressive concept, almost all other states quickly followed …Read More

  5. The Importance Of Temporary Hearings

    There is much wisdom in the old saying that “possession is nine-tenths of the law,” particularly in family law cases because most judges prefer to uphold the status quo, even if things are less than perfect. For example, in divorce child custody disputes, the parent who currently has custody nea…Read More

  6. Understanding Alimony In The Grand Canyon State

    In Arizona and most other states, there is considerable debate as to the nature of spousal support. Some people believe these payments should be limited, with the objective of helping the obligee (spouse receiving payments) to achieve economic self-sufficiency, while others see alimony as an importa…Read More

  7. I Was Served Divorce Papers. Now What?

    Even though a marriage has turned sour and started to unravel, it can still come as a shock when divorce papers are served. Getting an official document issued from the court with your name on it under the title, “Original Petition for Divorce” makes it a reality. Now what? Original Petition for…Read More

  8. What You Should Know About The AAML Child Centered Guidelines

    One of the most difficult aspects of a separation or divorce is deciding how to share responsibility and custody of the children. There is a commonly used phrase that courts use when making a ruling about custody; “the best interest of the child,” but what does it mean? If the parents cannot com…Read More

  9. What is Supervised Visitation?

    When parents are divorced and a child visitation order is created by the courts, supervised visitation may be one of the stipulations for the noncustodial parent. Normally, supervised visitation requires the noncustodial parent to visit with their child on a set date at a specific time, while superv…Read More

  10. How Would You Define Domestic Violence?

    It is difficult to determine how many domestic violence cases occur each year, as not all cases are reported. Additionally, surprisingly, the U.S. does not have an agency or organization that tracks domestic violence complaints and allegations. More importantly, the definition of domestic violence i…Read More