1. How to Annul Your Arizona Marriage

    There are several requirements in order to properly annul a marriage in Arizona. These include: Before filling out a petition for annulment, maintain residency in the state of Arizona; If children are involved, seek out the help of an attorney because the same issues that arise in a divorce will occ…Read More

  2. What is an Annulment?

    Across the nation, an annulment is a court declaration that a marriage is null and void. Stated differently, according to the law, the marriage should never have occurred in the first place. Under Arizona state law, there are two types of marriages that may be annulled. First, a marriage can be void…Read More

  3. What is an Annulment in Arizona?

    Generally speaking, an annulment is an Arizona court’s legal recognition that a marriage is void. Under Arizona law, an annulment is granted by a court if the marriage was void from its inception or if a barrier existed that caused the marriage to be void. In order to be granted an annulment in Ar…Read More