1. Grounds for Your Divorce

    Across the nation, couples are petitioning for divorce on a daily basis. Each state has its own unique grounds by which a dissolution of marriage may be granted by the appropriate presiding court. If you or someone you know is seeking a divorce, sufficient proof to the court that the marriage warra…Read More

  2. How to Annul Your Arizona Marriage

    There are several requirements in order to properly annul a marriage in Arizona. These include: Before filling out a petition for annulment, maintain residency in the state of Arizona; If children are involved, seek out the help of an attorney because the same issues that arise in a divorce will occ…Read More

  3. What Factors Influence Whether I Can Relocate with My Child?

    Within the context of family, relocation occurs when one parent decides move a child or children from the current home after a divorce. Arizona, like many other states in the nation, have particular rules and requirements in order to do so and a court may or may not allow the relocation depending on…Read More

  4. What is the “Best Interest of the Child” Standard?

    When it comes to matter of family law, particularly when children are involved, courts across the nation must look at the “best interest of the child” when making decisions regarding child custody and visitation, among other matters. This phrase is used identically by almost every family law cou…Read More

  5. Divorce process and timeline

    If you’re on the verge of filing for divorce and you’re not sure what the process looks like, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with it now. You need to know what you’re getting into before the stress and emotions of the situation begin to weigh on you. Knowing the process will also g…Read More

  6. Child Support Trends and Statistics in Arizona

    There are very specific child support guidelines in the state of Arizona that courts follow when determining the amount of child support that the supporting parent will pay. With the change of demographics in the workforce the trends and statistics surrounding those numbers are changing. Who is the …Read More

  7. Child Custody Interference

    Custodial Interference Generally, custodial interference occurs when someone tries to disrupt the custodial rights of a parent. While it doesn’t always involve one parent against another (Grandparents or new spouses can sometimes interfere), it is most often the case. Child custody is one of the t…Read More

  8. When should Child Custody Modifications be Considered?

    Divorcing couples today often establish a shared parenting agreement that indicates the amount of time each parent will spend with the child, along with describing the conditions that will pertain to the child. These often include factors like how much time, and on which days of the week, the child …Read More

  9. Can I Change Visitation Times for the Summer?

    Parents who are no longer together may have a custody and visitation agreement in effect. One of the parents may want to change the terms for the visitation slightly during the summertime when the children are not in school. Such a change is possible, but the non-custodial parent has to go about doi…Read More

  10. My child broke their arm and now my ex is wanting custody

    When you're in the midst of a custody battle, almost anything could be used by your ex to convince the court that your child should be moved in one way or another. Imagine, for instance, that your child fell, as children are prone to do, and broke his arm in an unfortunate accident. To many people, …Read More