Family law is our focus area at The Law Office Of Ronald Kossack. We have represented over 2,500 clients and have worked on more than 1,250 trials and hearings in the Tempe, AZ, community, as well as the surrounding areas. Our intention as a family law firm is to represent you effectively and efficiently and help to create a more stable environment for any children who are involved. From divorce to child custody battles, we have seen it all. At The Law Office Of Ronald Kossack, we focus on family law areas that include paternity, alimony, parenting time, and child support. If you or a loved one is going through a family matter and need a lawyer, you can always reach out to our family law lawyers.

The Law Office Of Ronald Kossack will provide you with the answers to some difficult questions. If you are going through a divorce, then Ronald Kossack can create a solution for those circumstances that you thought you’d never be in. For example, he can help you determine what the appropriate child custody situation is, the amount of property you can expect to receive, and how you can modify an existing court order. For over 20 years, Ronald L. Kossack has been helping to create ideal strategies for your situation. Our goal is to create the fairest settlement for every party involved.

On our family resources page, you can find family law information that details legal, general, and financial. When you are hiring a family law lawyer, it’s vital that you know that they have the proper resources to aggressively negotiate for you and represent your best interests. Our family law resources will be very useful in many different aspects. From using family law information with the Arizona Judicial Branch to obtaining the approximate value of residences, our resources page is meant to make it easier to do research on legal, general, and financial matters.

Click on one of the below links to make it easier for your case. Keep in mind that the legal information will provide further information on court cases with children or other useful law information. When it comes to the general brand of information, you can use it to compare schools and find a mental health counselor for you and your loved ones as you get through this difficult time. Lastly, the financial section will obtain values of your home, care, and other post-divorce benefits.