During these difficult times, it is only reasonable that your children will pick up on the emotions and stress of the situation unfolding around them. Just as this is a novel situation for you, your children have not gone through an experience like this before either. Whether you and your partner have previously separated or are in the process of doing so, it is important that you speak with your child about COVID-19 in a way that clears confusion and eases stress. When you and your ex work together to do this, you can be sure your children are getting information you both agree with.

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Present a United Front

You and your ex need to present a united front when speaking to your children about COVID-19. Though you may disagree with each other on some topics, it is important for the two of you to discuss ahead of time what you will and won’t say. No matter where you are in the process of divorce, legal separation, or another family law matter, come together to help your children through this time.

Stay Calm

Next, you will want to stay calm and be reassuring. Remember that your children may have heard things from friends and family or overheard snippets of news that give them concern. Your children will react not just to what you say, but also to how you say it. Because of this, it is important that you pay attention to your body language and what you say.

Provide Information

The best thing you can do to help your children understand is simply provide information! Define what it is: According to the Mayo Clinic, “COVID-19 is caused by a germ (virus) that can make the body sick. People who have COVID-19 may have a cough, fever, and trouble taking deep breaths. But some people, especially kids, who have the virus may not feel sick at all or may have mild symptoms such as those of a cold.” Explain how the virus spreads (through touching mouths, noses, or eyes) and what is being done, such as coming up with a vaccine, social distancing, etc. By making sure your children have a solid understanding of what’s happening, they will then be empowered to take action.

Offer Action Items

These practical steps are important in slowing the spread of the virus. Tell your kids about the importance of washing hands well and regularly. You can demonstrate proper hand-washing technique yourself in order to teach them. Practice social distancing, reinforce healthy habits, and disinfect surfaces often. If you and your ex already live apart, then make sure you are both on the same page about social distancing, hand washing, and disinfecting. This will ensure your children have a more similar experience between homes.

Be Available

Finally, make sure both you and your ex are available to talk about your children’s concerns, fears, or thoughts about COVID-19. Again, no matter where you are in the family law process, make sure you have open communication with your ex. This will allow you both to help your children as much as possible if they bring up concerns with one parent but not the other.

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