Divorces involve more than a couple separating and who gets what property. If the couple have children, then one of the main factors of a divorce are the children and their best interests. Sometimes people are so worried about what they can win away from their partner that they hurt their children in the process. Before you go on an impassioned crusade to get what you want in the divorce, slow down – think about your kids.

What’s best for them? That may be a hard question to ask but in the long run you will thank yourself for it.

What are the child’s best interest in custody and divorce?

Here are a few factors that you should think about and that the courts will consider:

Factors for Parents: 

  • Which parent is the most suitable custodian based on character, temperament, and stability?
  • What’s the child’s relationship with each parent?
  • What is the educational level of each parent?
  • What child-rearing skill does each parent possess?
  • Does either parent have an illness that will harm the child?
  • Which parent will provide the best home environment?
  • Does a child have stronger emotional ties to one of their parents?
  • Does the child have special needs for which one of the parents will be a better fit?
  • With whom has the child been living on a consistent basis?
  • What type of extended family relationships exist?
  • What is the employment status of each parent?
  • What is the financial status of the parties?
  • What is each parent’s apparent motive for seeking custody?

Factors for Children: 

  • The sex and the age of the child
  • The child’s social, moral, material, and educational needs
  • The respective home environments offered by the parties
  • The interpersonal relationship between each child and each parent
  • The interpersonal relationship between each child
  • The preference of each child, if the child is of sufficient age and maturity

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