In some instances that involve the question of who is a child’s biological father, a paternity suit may be filed to not only establish this fact, but also pave the way for a child’s mother to collect child support payments. In Arizona, many family attorneys focus on making sure dads rights are protected when these suits arise. Paternity suits are usually brought when one of two instances occur. First, the state of Arizona may file a suit in an attempt to recover public assistance costs while also forcing an unmarried father to make child support payments. In other instances, the suit may be filed to formalize custody and visitation rights.

Fraternity Tests

In some cases, a fraternity test can come into play. A test conducted on a pregnant woman in an attempt to determine the identity of the father, these tests are known for having results that are not very reliable. Thus, most family attorneys recommend waiting until the baby is born before conducting a paternity test. While fraternity tests can be used in cases where time is of the essence,  the results have often been found to be inaccurate and usually result in additional problems with obtaining the proper paternity results.

Who Can File a Paternity Suit?

In most situations, it is either the child’s mother or alleged father that brings the paternity suit. However, in rare cases the child itself may choose to file a paternity suit in order to discover the true identity of their father. Regardless of who files the suit, a judge can order a blood test that allows DNA to determine the identity of the child’s father.

Benefits for Fathers

When paternity is established, there can be many benefits for fathers. Custody and visitation rights can be established or changed, and in cases involving mistaken identity as to the child’s father, support payments can be eliminated if it is found the wrong person has been making the payments. In cases where there have been serious questions that involved potentially several men who could be the child’s father, peace of mind can be had by both the man who is identified as the father as well as those who are not. In addition to fathers, mothers can also benefit by gaining peace of mind while also being able to receive support payments and finalize any custody or visitation questions that may have been unresolved.

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