1. Divorce Settlement is What You Make of It

    When a couple gets divorced, many people assume the worst. They expect discord, arguments, and lengthy, expensive litigation. But it does not have to be this way. Whether your divorce is an ugly process or an easy and painless process is based largely on the intent of the divorcing parties. If you b…Read More

  2. Understanding the Peculiar Covenant Marriage Available in Arizona

    Arizona has a specific law allowing couples to enter into a “covenant marriage.” But beware - this form of marriage comes with severe limitations if you decide to separate from your significant other. What is a Covenant Marriage? Under A.R.S. § 25-906, the state of Arizona incorporated a differ…Read More

  3. You May Not Need a Divorce – Understanding Arizona Annulment Law

    Annulment and divorce are similar in the sense that they make a determination about marital status. They are effectively distant cousins in the legal family. Nevertheless, there are important differences between them that you need to understand. Key Distinction Between Annulment and Divorce Divorce …Read More

  4. Why Family Law Experience Matters

    If you are having mechanical issues with your car, you do not call your doctor. If your sink is stopped up, you do not call your accountant. The same logic applies when seeking representation for your divorce.  Your Tempe divorce lawyer should be experienced in family law. Here are some important r…Read More

  5. Dealing with Debt During a Divorce

    When some people think about going through a divorce, they envision the division of assets like their home and their vehicles. They think about custody and parenting time. But they often neglect thinking about marital debt. Arizona is a "community property" state. This means that any property you an…Read More

  6. Three Tips to Protect Yourself Financially During Your Divorce

    A contested divorce can be both emotionally draining and financially perilous. Here are three tips to protect yourself financially when you decide to end your marriage: Tip No. 1 – Check Your Credit Frequently Do not let years of hard work building your credit score go down the drain by neglecting…Read More

  7. How Much Does a Divorce Cost?

    One of the most common questions asked by clients looking to get divorced is, “how much will this whole thing cost me?” It is an important question. The answer – it depends. Every case is different. A husband and wife who have been married for less than five years, have no children, and no joi…Read More

  8. Three Important Questions to Ask Divorce Lawyer

    If you are thinking of divorcing your spouse, you are likely struggling with an array of emotions ranging from anxiety to sadness to feeling completely overwhelmed by the thought of starting over. This is perfectly understandable and why you should seek the guidance of an experienced Tempe divorce a…Read More

  9. Getting Divorced and Dealing with Children

    Getting divorced can be difficult. But it is especially challenging when children are involved. If you planning to get divorced and you anticipate child custody will be an issue, you should hire an experienced Tempe family law attorney that will fight for your rights as a parent. Child custody laws …Read More

  10. Three Tips for Finding a Top-Notch Divorce Lawyer

    Going through a divorce can be an emotionally exhausting experience. You are separating from someone who was, in most cases, a large part of your life. You may have had children together and owned a home, a car, and other assets like retirements accounts. All of these issues need to be addressed and…Read More