When any couple with children goes through a divorce, their primary concern can be their children. The children are the main focus in a divorce, as divorce can unsettle the family structure. It’s best if the children can be reassured and that a stable environment is created to ensure that everyone is aware of the situation and how it will be remedied with a parenting plan. It’s important that during your divorce you keep the child or the children’s best interests in the forefront of your mind while you try to figure out the best set up for your family.

As a lawyer who focuses on family law, we strive to make sure that your family matters are settled easily. While not every divorce is easy and can create complex dynamics between the family members, we strive to come to a decision that will affect you and your family’s future positively. While divorce and child custody battles can be complex, we strive to meet your goals as well as the needs of your family. For more information about family law, contact us.

What Is Considered To Be Custody In Arizona?

In the State of Arizona, custody is determined as someone who has the legal right to make decisions and determine the welfare of his or her child. This can mean anything from making decisions about the child’s future with education to health care. The parent who is in charge of the child is the custodial parent and lives with the child most of the time. In Arizona, the custodial parent is not favored based on sex and it’s not a favored form of custody over another type.

What Is Parenting Time?

In addition to custody, there is also parenting time. Parenting time or visitation are terms that refer to the change for the child to spend more time with the parent who doesn’t have sole legal custody or the custodial parent. These legal terms are for those who are the non-custodial parent and would like to organize time to spend with their child. Parenting time, as well as custody, is a situation many people face when they are are going through a legal separation or a divorce.

Who Decides Custody And Parenting Time?

So who decides on the custodial parent and the non-custodial parent? Does it come down to the parents or is it upheld by the judge or the magistrate? While parents can come to a decision by themselves, many are unable to, which is what leads them to a family law lawyer and into the Arizona legal system. If the parent is the one who asks the court for a divorce, then the Superior Court in Arizona will need to decide custody and parenting time.

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