When you and your partner decide that divorce is the best path for your relationship and your family, it can be difficult to decide the next steps. Of course, you’ll want to make the process as easy as possible, but sometimes that’s not the case. While there are a few different ways to handle the termination of a marriage, doing it out of court can be the best method for everyone, for obvious reasons. However, it’s vital that even if you decide to stay out of court, you’ll want to talk to a divorce lawyer who can help you make the next steps. If you’re preparing for a divorce or want to learn more about how we can help you, then contact The Law Office Of Ronald Kossack for a free consultation.

Ways To Keep Your Divorce Out Of Court

So what are some ways that you can avoid going to court with your soon-to-be-ex? What can the two of you do to make it easier on one another? While you may not want to make it easier because of past discretions, we encourage you to try to make the process as smooth as possible. You can choose to go through a hard, long, nasty process or you can decide to make it as smooth as possible for both the two of you and your family. If you have kids, keep in mind that there are children in the mix, so you’ll want to make it easier for them. Even if you don’t have kids, settling out of court can be the most beneficial solution because you spent less time and money disbanding the wedding.

Explore Collaborative Divorce

So you’d like to stay out of court during your divorce, we understand, one way that can be beneficial is by exploring a collaborative divorce. A collaborative divorce isn’t as common as some people may think, but it works because both you and your spouse will use the method of negotiation to settle a divorce. A collaborative divorce is a method that works when both parties are willing to negotiate in an open, honest, and informal manner. Both parties will sign a non-confrontation approach, which helps to clear the air of any ambivalence. A four way meeting will take place with divorce lawyers to make arrangements and go through details to ensure each party is treated equally as the marriage is dissolved.

Put The Children First

It can be easy to get caught up in a divorce no matter if it’s smooth sailing or a mountainous road. It can also be extremely easy to get caught up in your own tangled feelings instead of focusing on the kids and what needs to be done. Emotions are easy to get caught up in, which is why a lot of kids get put on the back burner during this difficult time. At The Law Office Of Ronald Kossack, we strive to ensure that the children are put first during the process. By putting the kids first, it’s easier to sort through all of the other things. What’s best for the children can trump anything else that’s going on in the divorce, which is why it can be advantageous to settle out of court. Whether both parties are hurt or angry at one another, putting the kids first can put the situation into perspective, especially to create a long term solution to ensure everyone is satisfied.

Try Divorce Mediation

Another method to avoid going to court is mediation. Similar to a collaborative divorce, mediation will help you avoid the courtroom and have your expectations met. Mediation includes meeting with a mediator who is trained to listen to each party and create a solution that will resolve it. An agreement will be made and the legal documents will be drawn up and ratified by the court. Once that’s been completed, they will be legally recorded. It’s vital that if you do choose to do mediation, you still talk to a lawyer to ensure you’re not cheating yourself out of money or assets.

Compromise Can Be Extremely Beneficial

As we discussed earlier, it can be easy to get tangled up in your emotions while going through a divorce. For this reason, it’s important that you take a step back to your emotions so that you can come to a compromise. Many divorces can turn very ugly when emotions get involved and compromise can be almost impossible to reach. However, compromise can be the name of the game during a divorce because you’ll be able to come to an agreement a lot easier and keep the divorce short and simple. Remember to give and take during the divorce process and it’ll be much smoother.

Be Realistic

Lastly, a great way to keep divorce out of court is by being realistic. While you may want to keep your house, get alimony, and full custody of the kids, you’ll want to be realistic about your expectations. Being realistic will allow you to come to a settlement faster and much more simply. You’ll split everything as equally as possible, but if something is affected, be realistic in your expectations about it. If you really wanted alimony and the house, but your ex wants to keep the house, then make sure to give and take, so you don’t end up having to go to court to split everything up.

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