Divorce. It’s difficult, heartbreaking, frustrating, and time-consuming. It can be a long process, so it’s important that when you decide to get divorced, it’s the right decision for you. If you’re even considering a divorce, then you’ll want to read our blog to figure out if this is the right decision for you. Keep in mind that divorce is not something you can mention to your spouse and then back away from — at least if you want to stay on amicable terms. If you would like to get divorced, then you’ll need to factor in all of the tidbits of information about the process. Meeting with a divorce lawyer isn’t the only thing you need to keep in mind. It’s a life-changing decision and it’ll impact a lot of people. If the idea of divorce has been planted in your mind, then don’t hesitate to meet with a divorce lawyer for a free consultation.

The Steps To Figuring Out If Divorce Is The Right Path For You

Getting divorced can be similar to going through the grieving process. Your entire life is being thrown into upheaval, you’re losing someone you’ve relied on for years, and there can be some negative blowback from family and friends. It’s vital that when you decide to get divorced, you prepare for the process by educating yourself on what will happen. We’ve put together some steps to consider to ensure that this life choice is right for you. If you just got into a bad fight and you need a break, then that doesn’t mean a divorce is the best way to go. However, if these steps to deciding if divorce is right for you makes sense and helps you move through the decision process, then consult a divorce lawyer for further information.

Step One: How Your Relationship Works

As the seed of divorce is planted, consider before it grows anymore if and how the relationship is working for the both of you. If you argue constantly and can’t seem to agree on the small things, but you still love each other, you might need to go to counseling to figure out how to communicate instead of getting divorced. Many couples find it easier to divorce instead of working on their issues.

Every relationship is different, but for the most part, women have a tendency to put their needs on the back burner so their husband can be happy. However, marriage is a relationship and it needs to be beneficial for both of you. If it doesn’t seem to benefit either of you or just one of you, then it’s time to become honest with yourself to figure out what’s not working and then address it. If neither of you wants to try, then divorce might be the best option.

Step Two: Don’t Force A Decision

Many people feel that they need to come to a decision right away when it comes to divorce; however, it can be beneficial to stew on it. It’s also okay to be confused about what to do. It’s a big decision, so you’ll want to gain some clarity on what you need to do next instead of jumping to a conclusion. A nice dose of clarity will help you relax and think more clearly about the decision. You can read books, talk to people who have gone through a divorce, or speak to a divorce lawyer to gain some clarity into the situation and figure out if you’re ready to go through this process.

Step Three: You’ve Tried Everything

Some couples want to try everything to make their relationship work and some decide right off the bat they want to divorce. If you truly love your life together and you want to make it work, then it’s important that you try everything before making a decision. If you don’t communicate the way you wish you would, then try counseling to work on some techniques to vocalize your needs. If you feel that your spouse doesn’t spend enough time at home with the family, then come up with some family bonding activities. If money is pulling you apart, then try to sit down and go over some budgeting strategizes to set some goals. There are lots of things you can do to save your marriage, but it’s up to you to decide to try everything and if you have, then perhaps your decision has already been made.

Step Four: Body Signals

Nonverbal signals are huge with people in relationships both within your body and your partner’s. Think of your first date, how did you know that your spouse was interested? By their nonverbal signals! It’s the same as you figure out if divorce is the right path for you. If your partner’s body signals aren’t open or are negative, then talk about it to see where he or she is coming from.

Additionally, body signals can be a way to send you a message that the rational mind isn’t picking up. If you get sick at the thought of getting physical or when your significant other kisses you, then it could be your body’s way of wanting to distance yourself. Physical signs that manifest when the idea of marriage or staying together until death could be your body’s way of telling you that this isn’t what you want. If you’re experiencing physical symptoms like headaches or hives, then try to track when it occurs and what the subject is on to figure out if your body is trying to tell you something that your mind isn’t picking up on.

Step Five: Ask Yourself If This Is What You Want

Most importantly, ask yourself if your marriage is something you truly want. Can you see yourself with this person for an additional five, 10, 15 more years? Do you want to wake up next to this person for the rest of your life? Are you okay with dealing with them on their bad days or when they are ill? If you’re answering ‘no’, then you might already have your answer. Furthermore, if you have children, put yourself in their place. If you saw your parents act the way you and your spouse are, what would you think as a child? It’s important to ask yourself these questions and consider it from your child’s perspective.

If you’ve walked yourself through these steps and you know that divorce is something you’re ready for, then contact The Law Office Of Ronald Kossack.