Prenuptial agreements have become a part of the warp and woof of modern marriage. Many have recognized that in spite of how strongly each person feels about the other, anything can happen. A prenup protects each party in the event anything does happen. In fact, right in the middle of “Gold Digger”, the song that catapulted Kanye West into superstardom, there’s a refrain that goes:

“If you ain’t no punk, holla ‘We want prenup!’ ‘We want prenup!’ yeah it’s something that ya need to have.”

Then, in late 2013, Kanye famously followed his own advise. Although madly in love with the beautiful Kim Kardashian, they both agreed that a prenup was something they needed to have. After their engagement, each walked through what was considered to be an iron-clad prenuptial agreement. As a part of a legal prenup, Kanye would have to disclose the financial details of his reported $100 million net worth. At the same time, Kim would have to give a complete, accurate, and detailed accounting of her reported $50 million net worth. For the rest of us, the details of prenuptial agreements are not tweeted about and discussed in supermarket tabloids. Still, some of the principles and reasons for walking through prenuptial agreements apply to all of us. Some may feel a prenuptial agreement is an unromantic acknowledgement of the possibility that their love won’t last. However, this idea comes from a misrepresentation about the nature of prenups. Yes, a prenup protects you from being taken advantage of should things go wrong, but the case could be made that a prenup can also protect your future spouse from being taken advantage of. Prenups can take into account the length of marriage, future children, earning potential together vs. apart, as well as several other helpful considerations. Prenups allow you to think through what should happen in the event divorce is imminent without the emotional trauma of actually being in the middle of the divorce itself. In that way it allows you both to see through the eyes of love and think amicably, making your decisions from a position of strength and emotional health. At the Law Office of Ronald L. Kossack, we leverage our experience and knowledge of Arizona family law to efficiently draft your prenuptial agreement, laying the framework for a stable future for you and your kids. To speak with a Tempe prenuptial agreement attorney contact the Law Office of Ronald L. Kossack online or by calling 480-345-2652.