Recent advances in DNA paternity tests have combined with a greater public awareness so that more is known about DNA screening than in the past, however there are still many misconceptions about the technique. In order to help with this, consider the following questions that people commonly ask before submitting to the DNA testing procedure.

Is DNA testing the Best Way of Proving Biological Relationships?

There is no more accurate way of determining the paternity or maternity of a child than comparing the DNA of the child with prospective parents. DNA screening can prove with 100% certainty that a person is not the parent, and 99.9%+ that they are.

What’s the Difference Between a Paternity Test Done at Home and a Legal Test?

The test itself is the same in each case. It is ensuring the identity of the person being tested that is the difference. At-Home paternity tests are also known as ‘Curiosity Tests’ and ‘Peace of Mind Tests’, and for that, you can order a kit online and have it posted to you. You collect your own samples yourself.

How Can I Choose the Best Test Lab?

There are accreditations provided to testing laboratories, so to make sure you are choosing a good laboratory, look for an AABB accreditation, or that it conforms to ISO 17025.

Can I have a Paternity Test Done Without a Sample From the Mother?

A paternity test is designed to identify the father, and this can be done without a sample from the mother. However, in some cases, particularly where gene mutation has occurred, better accuracy can be achieved if a sample from the mother is available.

What Samples can be used for the DNA Testing?

Any body tissue or fluid that contains DNA such as blood, semen, hair and saliva on, for example, tissues or cigarette butts can be used for DNA testing.

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When a child is born while the biological mother is not married, paternity becomes an even bigger factor. In such cases, after paternity is determined, the court will award decision making authority, parenting time or order child support based on the results. Paternity tests given to individuals who may have fathered the child can be conducted voluntarily or by court order. To schedule a free initial consultation or to speak with a Tempe paternity lawyer contact us online or by calling 480-345-2652.