Divorce is probably as painful as death.” Lucille Ball

Darryl was 10 years old when his parents split. When his folks told him to sit down on the sofa, he and his sister assumed they were about to tell them of their newly decided holiday plans. In previous years they had been to grandmother’s house, Colorado – for skiing of course – and even Disneyland! This year was different. As his parents explained that “Daddy was moving out,” Darryl could only think of the happy times he had seen, the times Mom and Dad had kissed each other as his father arrived home from a long day at the office. Come to think of it, Darryl realized he hadn’t seen that in a while. Perhaps his parents’ marriage had not been what he assumed. Nothing was as it had seemed.

Children Understand Divorce Differently Than Adults

Too often there seems to be a belief that when parents split, their children feel sad for a while afterwards, but then things begin to feel fine. It’s more massive than that. Due to a child’s limited understanding of the world and how they achieve life, a divorce or separation changes everything in they understand. It can easily change their view of life for the remainder of theirs. A parents’ split can quickly cast a dark cloud in the child(ren)’s world. It can frame how they think about relationships, what trust is and how much he or she believes is possible in a relationship.

Helping Your Child Through the Process

Though you cannot make your child’s pain go away, you can help him or her cope with the hurt divorce can bring. Here are some suggestions to remember.

  1. Make it Clear Your Child is Loved.
  2. Be Honest about the Situation
  3. Encourage Communication.
  4. Don’t Fight in Front of Your Kids. Period.
  5. Always Say Goodbye with a Smile.
  6. Listen to Your Kids’ Disappointment.

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