The “Ask Amy” advice column in the Arizona Daily Star recently featured a sad, but quite common, situation that many spouses encounter. The spouse, an unhappy wife, explained her situation:  

We have been married for eight years. After we were married, I bought a house (encouraged by him, he is a carpenter and said we should get a fixer-upper). It’s in my name, and I pay the mortgage, insurance and taxes. The house is in my name because he has a low income and high debt.

When I try talking with him about raising our child or managing our house, he says “no,” changes the subject or becomes hostile. I have visited divorce lawyers for three years in a row. I’ve always changed my mind because I believe that to raise our beautiful child, I will have to figure out a way to communicate with him anyway.

We live in a silent house in which we ignore each other. He loves his daughter, but doesn’t spend much time with her. I insisted he come to couples counseling, and we went once. He never mentioned it again. I gave up. He is not there for me emotionally, physically or financially. I work full time; his income is inconsistent.

How do I get out of this marriage without sending my daughter a message that I am giving up?

It is frustrating to read about spouses letting their lives go by in unhappy marriages feeling trapped due to financial concerns and the misconception that a divorce equates to failure. Please understand – you only get one shot at life. If you are miserable in your marriage and your spouse has disconnected from you emotionally, physically, and/or financially, you owe to yourself and your loved ones to explore your options.

Speak to an Arizona divorce attorney about the separation process, if only to have the information you need to properly weight the best path going forward. Our firm works toward a peaceful resolution whenever possible, ensuring that you, your spouse, and your children can still be productive together, even after a divorce.

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