Being unable to make your scheduled child support payments can be devastating. While some people purposely avoid paying child support, there are legitimate reasons that a responsible party cannot make their required payments. Unfortunately, this situation is not uncommon. If you have underlying reasons as to why you cannot make your child support payments, you do still have options.

Keep the Other Parent Involved

To avoid any issues, keep the other parent involved and notify them when and why you cannot make your child support payments. By keeping an open line of communication (and documenting those conversations), you may be able to avoid any further penalties.

Contact the Child Support Enforcement Office

You will need to contact the local enforcement office where your specific child support order was filed. You can then file a formal motion with that office requesting a modification to your child support order because of your changed circumstances. Some things that could constitute a valid change of circumstance claim include:

  • Loss of your job
  • Excessive medical expenses
  • Disability
  • Financial difficulties
  • Additional costs you have consumed to help raise the child

You will need to be specific in your modification request.

Get Professional Assistance

While filing a claim for modification is rather straightforward, the other parent may contest your request. You will need to provide extensive documentation proving your change of circumstance to the courts — and to prove you are worthy of a lower or delayed child support payment. An attorney can assist you with filing your claim and presenting your case to the courts. It is important to consult an attorney whenever you are dealing with child support matters, because not making your child support payments on time could result in numerous legal actions, including IRS tax liens, federal prosecution, and even a suspension of your driver’s license. At the Law Office of Ronald L. Kossack, we handle all types of child support cases, including child support modification requests. Our attorney and staff will do all we can to help lower your child support payments to something that is reasonable to your situation. Schedule your free, initial consultation today to discuss your child support case with an experienced attorney.