“Distinctive facial features of a parent are poor people’s paternity test.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

For ages there have been situations wherewith men have had doubts about the paternity of a “their”child. Circumstances such as these have fueled family strife, and until recently, science was unable to resolve any doubts. Please welcome DNA testing.

Hundreds, no thousands of people weekly send samples of their blood to be tested at DNA labs with the goal to find out who is (or who is not) the biological father of a child. According to one private lab in Ohio, one in three males who undergo such tests finds out he is not the biological child. Since the technology has advanced over the last decade, the price of these tests have come down and made them more accessible to potential parents.

Here’s the process: You provide the lane with a blood sample, a cheek swab, or a strand of hair (from the head) with the roots and follicle attached. These tests costs around $500, and results are typically available within 10 – 14 days. According to professionals, it’s a completely definitive test.

What if I’m Not Sure?

While finding out you and your partner are pregnant is often a joyous occasion, it is not uncommon for the man to question whether or not he is the biological father. Often a life of intense travel or a situation that keeps him away from home can bring about these questions ininternally. Because of this extremely sensitive subject, it is quite daunting to consider inquiring with the question Can I Ask My Partner for a Paternity Test?

We Won’t Waste Your Money

Regardless of your reasoning, if you are questioning the validity of your parenthood, or even the results of a paternity test, we can help. We’ll hear your case with the professionalism you expect. At the Law Office of Ronald L. Kossack, we can help you make that decision.We take a team approach to helping with your law matter and will aggressively fight for your desired results. To speak with an attorney about your law matter, contact our offices online or by calling 480-345-2652.