“The mediator of the inexpressible is the work of art.”

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Why are more and more couples turning to mediation as a means of marriage dissolution? The simple answer is – mediation can give couples more control and less expense. While divorce cannot be compared to art, it could be said that the job of a mediation attorney is to help give voice to the inexpressible. Divorce is not a quick and easy exercise, no matter what some divorce attorneys advertise. When the two of you see mediation as an option, it is worth the effort to pursue it. The mediation attorney can help you prepare for meeting with the third party mediator. The mediator’s job is not to make any authoritative decisions but to lead the two of you through the process of making the decisions yourselves. More Control – How A Mediation Attorney Empowers Couples In Divorce Without the vehicle of mediation, the decisions about your family’s assets and custody of your children will be made by a stranger in a black robe (the judge). Mediation gives you more control over the most intimate details of family, as well as the outcome of your divorce. Your mediation attorney will work with you to help you and your spouse make healthy decisions for your future, unbiased by the high emotions that typically surround divorce proceedings. Less Expense – How A Mediation Attorney Can Make Divorce More Efficient Mediation should be considered a viable option for most every couple that believes divorce is imminent, no matter what feelings surround the relationship. Adversarial attorneys can influence divorce proceedings in a way that only makes a potentially emotionally stressful and traumatic situation worse. When “he said/she said” character assaults escalate out of control, it is no wonder trials can extend for months and months before divorce is final. Mediation is a much less costly divorce option than a series of painful hearings and a divorce court trial. Mediation bypasses most of the drama of those hotly contested issues and helps you reach a decision in a much shorter time frame, again saving you valuable time, money, and emotional fallout. Experienced Tempe Divorce Mediation Attorneys The Law Office of Ronald L. Kossack has built a strong reputation for providing excellent solution-based counsel for over 18 years. Let our mediation team help you maintain control over crucial decisions that affect your family. Put our experience to work for you to find creative resolutions to those potentially complicated issues in your divorce. If you and your spouse feel divorce or separation is inevitable, let’s talk. You can contact us online anytime or call our team right away at 480-345-2652.