Some couples feel as though they may need extra protection even though they are engaged to be married. A prenuptial agreement is a legal document that places certain stipulations on two people’s union. Most of the people who complete prenuptial agreements have large trust or bank accounts that they think they may lose if the marriage goes sour. Some of them have large estates that they do not want judges to evenly distribute if an unwanted divorce arises. Such people may want the assurance of knowing that their spouse cannot relieve them of everything that they own.

What Are the Terms of a Prenuptial Agreement?

Anyone can ask an attorney to create a prenuptial agreement, and the terms are up to the two people who are getting married. Some persons would like to stipulate the amount of alimony our spousal support that would have to pay if the marriage failed. Some people want to place limits on the shares of a business that the other spouse could receive in a judgment. Other people want to specify the distribution of a home.

How Close to a Wedding Can Someone Complete a Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is legal the moment the parties marry. In other words, a judge can enforce it as soon as the parties stand in front of a judge or minister and commit themselves to each other. A couple can at that point change the prenuptial agreement or cancel it with the help of an established legal representative. They can initiate the prenuptial agreement as early or as late as they like. They can do it a week before the marriage or a day before the marriage, and it will hold up in the court of law until they take steps to nullify it.

How to Get a Prenuptial Agreement

A set of fiancés can initiate a prenuptial agreement by contacting a local attorney in the area. Creating such a document is best with the help of someone who has extensive experience in its legality. Either the bride-to-be or the groom-to-be can contact the attorney and schedule a consultation about the prenuptial. The attorney will advise the prospective client on the best way to state the stipulation on the document. The attorney will offer the fair price for the services, and the couple will have the comfort and security of knowing that they have legal protection.