The bills are piling up and you can’t pay all of your mortgage or rent this month because of what you’re spending on your children — if only your ex had come through and paid their portion of child support on time.

When your former partner doesn’t pay their child support on time or at all, it can lead to drastic problems for you and your family. When you separated and child support was established, you became dependent on that income. With it not there, it can be difficult to make ends meet. Let The Law Office Of Ronald Kossack help. Here in Tempe, we can handle all aspects of family law, including what to do when your ex doesn’t pay child support. Read here for tips from a family law attorney, and then contact us today to get started with your family law needs.

Talk To Your Ex

Having a rational conversation with your ex may seem like the last thing you want to do right now, but having a frank, honest conversation with them, if possible, can enlighten you about the situation. Perhaps they lost their job, is facing a medical bill, or has another valid reason for not paying.

Figure Out Your Plan

You have to pay your bills and feed your children — that’s non-negotiable, right? So figure it your immediate plan of attack, be it cutting your expenses, starting a part-time job, picking up more work from home, or asking family for help with childcare or finances.

Don’t Plan On It For Your Budget

As difficult as it may be, try to not depend on the incoming payment as much, especially if your ex consistently doesn’t pay. Finances will still be tight, of course, but not planning on it will mean you’ll have additional income when your ex does pay.

Meet With A Family Law Attorney

When you work with a family law attorney to cover this aspect of family law, you could work to seize property or even withhold federal tax refunds to help ensure you get the money you deserve.

Accept Any Possible Payment

Sure, it’s not the entire payment — but it’s something. Accept whatever payment your ex offers and keep meticulous track of what they have (or haven’t) paid. The child support payment requirement may be decreased later on, but your ex will still be required to pay everything in full until that date, so your records will be vital.

Continue To Work With Your Ex

Don’t deny access to your children as punishment — it’s not fair for your children or your ex. On top of this, allowing your ex to continue seeing their children will help motivate them to pay child support.

Contact Our Family Law Attorney Today

If it’s time for a change because your ex isn’t holding up their end of the family law deal, then our family law lawyer can help. We have more than 30 years of experience in family law, so contact The Law Office Of Ronald Kossack today.