You know how it goes: someone asks someone else to marry them, and the first thought that comes to mind is a prenuptial agreement.

OK, so maybe that’s not entirely accurate. However, with all the planning for dresses or suits, food and flowers, or venues and guest lists, it’s wise to work a prenuptial agreement into the to-do list. Before you protest by saying you love your soon-to-be partner or that you will never divorce, let’s dispel some of the myths surrounding prenuptial agreements. After all, prenups aren’t just for divorce.

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Only Rich People Get Prenuptial Agreements

This is probably one of the biggest protests we hear to prenuptial agreements. “But I don’t need a prenuptial agreement — we’re young and broke!”

However, despite what magazines seem to say, prenuptial agreements can benefit everyone — not just rich people. While prenuptial agreements typically address finances (and we recommend addressing this in your prenup whether you consider yourself wealthy or not), they can address many other considerations within family law as well. These considerations could include everything from child support to child custody and estate planning.

Getting A Prenuptial Agreement Is Planning For Divorce

Many people think that signing a prenuptial agreement is planning for the marriage to fail, but this simply requires a shift in thinking. In fact, instead of planning for a divorce, it’s simply planning to make life simpler and more agreeable if divorce were to happen down the road. It’s never an indication that it will happen.

Prenuptial Agreements Are Unromantic

Bringing up a prenuptial agreement may not be the most romantic thing to do immediately after a proposal, but that doesn’t mean it has to be unromantic. Especially with how views around marriage and commitments are evolving, prenuptial agreements don’t have to be unromantic. This can be a wonderful time to solidify your relationship and transparency with each other, as you’ll discuss everything from your finances to future children, prior relationships, taking care of each other, and more.

Prenuptial Agreements Are Only Helpful For Divorce

Nobody wants to go into a marriage planning on divorce. You’ve likely spent years getting to know and understand your partner and your marriage is representative of your commitment to each other. While prenuptial agreements can be instrumental in the event of a divorce, they also are beneficial in a situation where marriage is terminated due to death. It can set out your wishes for finances, assets, and your relationship.

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