Last year, Psychology Today featured an article that reported men – not women – benefit the most from marriage, according to studies. And although popular society paints the image of little girls dreaming up their wedding day years before the big day actually becomes a reality – and men as being afraid of  lifelong commitments – data shows maintaining a marriage is hard. In fact, the American divorce rate is as high as 40 to 50 percent, according to the American Psychological Association.

The Data: Marriage & Divorce

There is a misconception that marriage is natural for women and that females benefit more from the institution than men. A report published by the National Council on Family Relations based on a compilation of more than 130 empirical studies found that men benefit from marriage at a disproportionate rate as compared to women. The benefits of an increase in health, wealth, and happiness often associated with the institution of marriage go to the husbands and not the wives. The research further shows that while married men fare better in these areas than their bachelor counterparts, the opposite is true for married women as compared to single women.

Moreover, statistics show that unhappy wives are initiating more than two-thirds of the nation’s divorces. This is in clear contrast to the common idea that marriage, and the life milestones that come with it, is the ultimate fulfillment. Data shows that young women are not the only ones calling it quits on nuptials – a 2014 AARP survey revealed that women who underwent a divorce in their 40s or later were the ones who initiated the split themselves, and at a rate of as high as 66 percent. An academic paper published by Stanford sociologist Michael J. Rosenfeld confirmed that women initiated the break ups at a rate of two-thirds, however, this was only true for married couples. Similarly, the paper confirmed that married women reported lower levels of satisfaction in a relationship than non-married women. The paper was based on a survey that followed more than 2,000 heterosexual relationships over the span of five years.

Arizona Divorce Lawyer

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