Divorce – just like marriage – is a life-altering event. Everyone is affected when a marriage ends in divorce. This includes the former couple, the children, family members and even friends. Even if the separation was an agreeable one, the process of divorce can be stressful and traumatic. The reasons behind the need for a divorce can vary. In fact, the media has addressed this issue in the past noting that – for many – romance is just not enough to keep a couple together.

Top Reasons For Divorce

The American Psychological Association finds, based on research, that Western cultures marry at a rate of more than 90 percent by the age of 50. Notwithstanding, statistics show that a significant number of American marriages end in divorce. The reasons behind why a couple calls it quits can vary depending on age, culture, education, socioeconomic status and the individual people themselves. Below are some of the most common reasons why most marriages end up in a divorce.

  1. The stress of finances: possibly the number one reason for failed marriages, the way in which each spouse – and the couple, collectively – handles money can make or break a marriage
  2. Poor communication: clear communication is not easy, even in the age of technology, because we tend to be distracted. Nonetheless, open and clear avenues of communication and sharing of information back and forth is essential to a successful matrimony
  3. Issues with intimacy: if a couple is not compatible in this area, the results can be disastrous. Whether this pertains to physical, emotional or intellectual intimacy, once a spouse goes outside of the marital relationship it is difficult to repair the damage
  4. Expectations that are not realistic: impractical, impossible or unreasonable expectations about the future can bring a marriage to a screeching halt when they are not manifested into reality
  5. Pressure from the family: having children, losing a job, contracting an illness – any of these life events can change the dynamic of the marital home. Allowing the pressures and stresses brought on by other family members including parents, in-laws, and siblings will make the marriage even more difficult to maintain

Arizona law mandates that a petition for divorce declare the appropriate grounds upon which the dissolution is requested. Under state law, there are fault and no-fault grounds. The no-fault ground is an irretrievably broken marriage. On the other hand, a covenant marriage allows for fault grounds including adultery, imprisonment, abandonment sexual or physical abuse, drug or alcohol abuse, among others.

We Can Help

If you and your spouse are dealing with any of these issues and they are affecting your marriage in a negative way, address them immediately and seek out resolutions. If legal separation or divorce seems unavoidable, contact a skilled Arizona divorce lawyer for guidance through this complex and lengthy process. The attorneys at the Law Office of Ronald L. Kossack have years of experience servicing clients throughout Maricopa County. Contact or call (480) 345-2652 today to schedule your initial consultation.