If you are thinking of divorcing your spouse, you are likely struggling with an array of emotions ranging from anxiety to sadness to feeling completely overwhelmed by the thought of starting over. This is perfectly understandable and why you should seek the guidance of an experienced Tempe divorce attorney.  Below are three important questions to ask any divorce attorney you might select to handle your divorce.

  1. How much experience do you have in family law?

You need to know whether your attorney is fresh out of law school and has minimal experience representing clients in divorce matter or if they are a seasoned professional. No attorney can guarantee a particular outcome, but the chances of having a less stressful divorce improve if you retain an experienced family law attorney who understands the details of your case, the divorce, and custody process.

  1. Is your practice limited to family law?

You may be meeting with an experienced attorney, but of their experience is primarily in criminal defense or tax law, that does not benefit you and your divorce. You should hire a lawyer who has a full-time practice focusing on family law. Why? Generally speaking, lawyers and firms that focus on family law do not have a high volume client business model (as compared to criminal defense or personal injury). This means if you retain a lawyer who only handles family law matters, they are likely to be more responsive if you call with questions.

  1. How do you generally handle the divorce process and what do you need from me?

You need to be sure your Tempe divorce attorney takes the time to outline what the overall divorce process is like so you understand what is likely to occur in the short and long term. For example, it is quite common for one of the first steps to be collecting pertinent documents from you and your spouse – specifically, documents related to your finances such as tax returns, investment account statements, mortgage documents, and so forth. If you have them available, you should bring them with you to the consultation. The goal should be for you to leave the attorney’s office with more information and clarity then when you arrived.

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