The American Psychological Association reports that marriage by the age of 50 occurs in more than 90 percent of Western culture. Still, between 40 and 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce. The reasons behind a divorce may vary and depend on the particular life circumstances of the couple. Below are some reasons why, according to research, most marriages end up in a divorce.

    1. Financial Problems: possibly the top reason for failed marriages, how a couple deals with money collectively and individually often makes or breaks the relationship.
    2. Poor Communication: while this may be obvious to most, open and clear channels of information lay the foundation of a successful marriage, but can be difficult to maintain in today’s society of technology-driven communication.
    3. Pressure of a Family: having children changes the dynamic in the home, and the stresses brought on by other family members, including parents, in-laws, siblings, or other relatives – whether intentional or not –  can create a difficult marriage relationship.
    4. Lack of Intimacy: whether sexual or emotional, incompatibility in regards to intimacy can be fatal to a marriage and can include lack of quality and quantity intimate time leading to irreparable differences.
    5. Expectations that Cannot be Reached: dreams and planning are part of a healthy marriage, however, anchoring on expectations that are impractical can halt the relationship when they do not manifest into reality.
    6. Time Restraints: although work and home schedules are not always compatible, time spent apart and together are equally important for the healthy maintenance of a marriage relationship and an unequal amount of separation can cause a strain.
    7. Friend Issues: close personal friends of either spouse may not always easily transition into friends of the couple once they become married. Some relationships can be toxic, inserting themselves between the marriage and causing unnecessary damage to the relationship.

Arizona Divorce Lawyer

If you and your spouse – or a couple you know – are dealing with these or other issues that are adversely affecting your Arizona marriage, address them immediately.  If legal separation or divorce seems like the only foreseeable option, contact a Tempe divorce lawyer for guidance in navigating this complicated, difficult and lengthy time. The compassionate and experienced attorney at the Law Office of Ronald L. Kossack has assisted clients in Arizona through no-fault and contested divorces, and will seek the best compromises for all. Call (480) 345-2652 today to schedule your initial case evaluation.