When facing a divorce, emotions can run high, and many questions can surface without a lot of time to answer them. One of these questions may be “Should I represent myself in a divorce?” There are many considerations with Pro Se representation, and we will try to cover some of them as well as why having an experienced attorney will help.

Self-Representation | “Pro Se” Representation

Pro Se representation literally translated means “for one’s self” or “on one’s own behalf.” Some states have laws against such self-representation, but many times it comes down to what type of litigation you are facing. In the case of a divorce, it can be quite common for litigants to be Pro Se litigants. If the divorce is amicable and both parties come to an agreement about the terms of the divorce it can be beneficial to represent one’s self.

Key Considerations with Self-Representation

However, divorce is often not amicable. There are issues such as asset and debt distribution, child custody, support, etc., that must be decided. Having an attorney, who is unbiased and not emotionally invested in your situation, to represent your interests during this time may be the best way to ensure you are agreeing to the best terms possible for your divorce.
Another consideration is filing the proper paperwork within the timelines given. Depending on the size of the estate that is being divided, what assets the marriage has acquired, whether or not there are children involved and how they will be cared for, there can be many filings and back and forth communications. Proper procedure and correctness of these filings and ensuring that they are filed on time can be the difference between a very costly and time consuming divorce and a quick, less stressful divorce, which allows you to get on with your new life.

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