While everyone may hope that their divorce ends as amicably and quickly as possible, this is not always the case. There are countless issues that can pop up during a divorce that may result in a hearing before a judge if mediation is no longer possible. For those that are preparing for this major undertaking, here is a look at how long divorce will take without children involved and some of the factors that could lengthen the time needed for out-of-court mediation or a hearing.

An Uncontested Divorce

A divorce will generally be easiest if neither side contests any facet of the separation. This is often case if there are no children, the marriage did not last long, and if there are no larger assets. In the state of Arizona, an uncontested divorce can be carried out between 90 and 120 days on average. Those that are filing for a divorce should understand that there is a mandatory 60-day waiting period after the initial papers have been filed. After the waiting period, the finalization of the paperwork can take place in as little as a month or two.

Temporary Orders

As the two parties get ready to file the initial paperwork, there may be the need for temporary orders. Temporary orders are the rules that go into effect before the divorce is finalized. These orders encompass pressing matters that cannot be put on hold for 3 months or longer. This may include residing in a mutual residence, paying mutual bills, and alimony payments. All of these rules become official at the preliminary junction, a step that must take place for every divorce filed in Arizona.

What Can Increase the Time Frame for a Divorce?

A couple that is splitting up may hope that a divorce without children will not have any major problems, there are a number of issues that could slow down this process and require legal representation. Primarily, a couple without children may have a disagreement on mutual assets or assets that are currently being used by both parties such as a vehicle. If there is a company in the name(s) of one or both parties, there may be a variety of legal matters that must be worked out regarding liability for that company. Finally, a couple may need legal representation if infidelity was involved, laws have been broken, or a spouse has moved out of the state before the divorce was finalized.

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