It is no secret that while some couples separate seamlessly, more often than not divorce can be one of the most difficult and disruptive events in life. It is also typical for children, if any are involved in this process, to be confused and frightened by all of the changes. It has been shown that even if both parents maintain a stable and healthy relationship with their children, divorce still disrupts the norm.     

The decision to go through a divorce does not happen overnight. Rather, couples look at numerous concerns and factors before moving forward with separation. The reason behind this is that divorce touches all aspects of life, from finances to child custody to property. Beyond the divorce itself, transitioning into single life and dating once again can be a touchy subject for all involved. 

Ways for any divorcee to ease back into dating:

  • Hold Off on Dating – children also need to heal after a divorce, not just former spouses. It is a good idea to wait until both the adults and the children have adjusted to the changes. This is especially true for emotions surrounding the split.
  • Seek Out Single Friends – adjusting to a newly single life after being married for several years (or several decades) will not be easy. Going through this process through a close circle of friends can help ease the shift to singledom.
  • Explain at Their Level– when you and your former spouse talk about the separation and any new dating to the children, it is important to keep the child’s age in mind when explaining to avoid confusion, reduce anger, and lessen fear that may be involved with the change.
  • Be Careful Introducing Someone New – this applies to introductions to both your ex as well as the kids. Any new romantic relationship should be exclusive for several months before introducing that person into  the mix – especially when it comes to the children.
  • Sensitivity is Key – some children may have more difficulty adjusting  than others, or a former spouse may have issues accepting the changes. Divorce brings up several emotions for everyone and being in tune with these can help everyone transition better.
  • Just the Facts – if and when dating begins, it is wise to keep the recent divorce at bay. This is especially true of any particular details regarding the separation. This information should come up once the relationship is more serious, so the divorce can be put into context.
  • Pushback is Expected – a new partner may be able to enter into the family and relate with the kids easily, however, this is often not the case. This may also be true for a former spouse. It is important to see these issues, take any valid concerns seriously, and listen attentively.

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