Divorce can be brutal for everyone involved. Not only are emotions volatile during this time, but any wounds suffered in the process often heal slowly after ink dries on the legal paperwork. While some former couples are able to part ways amicably and move on, this is often the exception to the rule. For this reason, joint child custody arrangements can be draining after a highly-contested divorce. This makes the requirement of sharing parenting decisions on childrearing even more difficult.

Whether your divorce had its peaks and valleys or was smooth the entire time, below are five ways you can be a better parent after the dust settles from a divorce. At the end of the day, what is important and should be the focus now is the emotional well-being of your child or children – even if your former spouse is not willing to play nice.

How to be a better parent

  • Let it Go –  it is not uncommon for former spouses to fight about the same childrearing details they disagreed on during the marriage. Trying to maintain control and micromanage these issues post-divorce will make you and your children miserable;
  • Take a Step Back – make sure to assess your own behavior, and how it’s affecting the kids, just like you are analyzing the actions of your former spouse;
  • Be Intentional – the likelihood of having to interact with your ex when you have children in common is virtually guaranteed. For this reason, make sure you stay above the emotional stress and focus on the long haul;
  • Hone in on Strengths – at one point in time you and your spouse actually complemented one another. These characteristics haven’t completely vanished simply because of separation. Use these in order to better manage everyone’s post-divorce life.
  • Cooperate, Cooperate, Cooperate– establishing a manageable relationship will facilitate cooperation because the focus will remain on how much each parent loves the kids, and not on the hate or disdain that was created for one another up to and during the divorce.

We are here to help

The details of a child custody agreement are reached, following thorough concerns of numerous factors. The reason for this is that this is a legally binding agreement, purposed for creating permanent stability for the child or children involved. Amicable interaction with a former spouse – no matter how difficult – is key to ensuring the needs of all children are properly met. If you or someone you know is facing divorce, contact a knowledgeable and skilled Sun City child custody and parenting time attorney right away. Contact or call today (480) 345-2652 to schedule your initial consultation with family law attorney Ronald L. Kossack.