Whether you choose legal separation, divorce, or divorce mediation as the means for separating from your partner, there’s no denying that the process can be emotionally and financially strenuous. When filing for divorce, you want a divorce lawyer on your side whom you can trust. After all, you’ll work closely with this person and depend on them for the outcome of your divorce. Because of this, you want a divorce lawyer who understands your needs and can help you reach the outcomes you desire.

In the Tempe area, that divorce lawyer is Ronald Kossack. Our law office serves clients throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, and Tempe, and our doors are open to help you through the divorce process. Read more below about why to choose The Law Office of Ronald Kossack when choosing a divorce lawyer in Tempe, and then contact us today to schedule a free consultation.


While new lawyers have certainly completed the necessary training and education to become a divorce lawyer, you want someone to represent you who truly has the experience. Just as you wouldn’t hire a babysitter who has no experience with children, you wouldn’t hire a lawyer who has no experience with clients.

Ronald Kossack has represented more than 2,500 clients and litigated more than 1,000 trials since he started to specialize in family law in 1993. This brings up another important point: he has experience in the courtroom as well. Though he always aims to resolve cases while avoiding costly litigation, he has the experience you want when you have a trial.


With all of his years in family law and divorce, Kossack has developed a compassion that is unique to the field. He always believes in working as a team, knows each client who visits his law firm is equally important, and treats all clients with patience and strength throughout the entire divorce process.

As a divorce lawyer, Kossack is also uniquely compassionate when it comes to child support and child custody. He has previously served as a residential summer camp director, which offers him valuable insight into the needs and interests of children during difficult times.


Kossack has all the qualifications, education, and leadership skills you would expect and want in a divorce lawyer. On top of this, he brings his real-world experience to the courtroom:

  • He has been a journalist and reporter, where he sharpened written communication skills and learned to ask important questions at trial.
  • He has owned several businesses, which taught him to analyze financial data, risk/reward analysis, and help clients during financially difficult times.
  • He was a stock options trader on the Chicago Board Options Exchange, which taught him how to think on his feet when needed.

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