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Top Three Reasons Couples Divorce

Divorce happens for many reasons. Whether there’s a lack of commitment or the expectations weren’t realistic going into the marriage, divorce can be the last leg of the journey as the marriage unravels. In today’s blog, we chose the top three reasons that people get divorced. While some people can overcome these reasons for divorce, others may find themselves wanting to separate after going through these situations in their marriage. Additionally, for solutions to less common issues, check out our infographic at the bottom of the page.

Money, Money, Money

The saying, ‘more money, more problems’ can go both ways. Money is one of those materialistic items that can make normal and reasonable people act differently. Money can have a strange effect on people. Whether a person becomes rich quickly or financial issues occur, money can be the cause of breaking points for a lot of relationships. When it comes to marriage, if you’re struggling financially or one spouse is making way more than the other, it can cause issues in a marriage.


Did you know that in over one-third of marriages one or both spouses admit to cheating on the other one? Fourteen percent of women have admitted to cheating on their spouse and 22 percent of men have as well. Infidelity happens and it’s up to the couple to determine if they can overcome cheating. Extramarital affairs are one of the main reasons that a marriage breaks because of the many emotions it brings to the surface. Perhaps one spouse is angry and resentful because of a past issue and the other one tends to look elsewhere for emotional and physical intimacy. Maybe one night two friends go too far and it ends in infidelity. Whatever the reason may be, it’s the breaking point for a lot of marriages, especially because it’s such a grey area.

Substance Abuse

The last main reason for divorce is substance abuse. Alcoholism and drug abuse are very prevalent in our society today. If your spouse has a drug or alcohol addiction problem, then it can be very hard to be around them. Sometimes that substance abuse can turn to physical or emotional abuse. When you’re living with someone who is using drugs or alcohol to cope with depression, pain, or for another reason, it can be difficult to have a happy marriage. The key to substance abuse is getting the necessary help for it. If your partner refuses to get help, then it can be the last straw for the marriage.


While divorce can be stressful and an emotional change, you’ll want a lawyer who is on your side. If you have kids, then you’ll want to provide them with the best environment possible. This means you’ll need to create a parenting time schedule and go over child custody. Our divorce lawyers will be able to create a plan that’s a good outcome for you and your family. Contact us today to speak to a divorce lawyer.