Divorce is one of those things that you hoped you would never have to go through. Now that you’re here, though, you most likely believe it to be the best course of action for you and your family. Regardless of this, it can still be hard to accept the finality of divorce or how you may be to blame.

This can lead to not being completely honest with your divorce lawyer because you want to show yourself in a good light. However, honesty is one of the most important things when interacting with your divorce lawyer. In today’s blog, we’ll share three reasons why to be honest with them and three tips for how to be honest with them. If you need a divorce lawyer in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, and Tempe, then you can count on The Law Office of Ronald Kossack. Contact us today for a free consultation!  

Why To Be Honest With Your Divorce Lawyer

To commit to doing something, you need to understand the why behind it.

1. You Want Your Lawyer To Be Prepared

You don’t want to lie to or mislead your divorce lawyer — only to have an issue then show up in court and leaver your divorce lawyer unprepared for it. By withholding significant information, you’ll only hinder the divorce process. After all, even the best divorce lawyers will struggle if they don’t have accurate, honest information.

2. You’re Paying Your Divorce Lawyer

You know that time is money. So by wasting time being dishonest with your divorce lawyer, you’ll cost yourself more money — especially if your dishonesty leads to the divorce process being longer and more complicated.

3. You’ll Be More Comfortable Now & Later On

You’ll have to tell the truth in court, so go ahead and practice that honesty now with your divorce lawyer. You’ll become more comfortable with sharing and hearing the truth in divorce court when you’re open with your lawyer.

How To Be Honest With Your Divorce Lawyer

Now that you know the why behind being honest with your lawyer, let’s talk about the how.

1. Know That Your Lawyer Has Probably Heard It Before

There’s no reason to be embarrassed or fearful of sharing pertinent information to the case. Remind yourself that your lawyer is a professional who will respect who and who has probably dealt with similar situations before.

2. Commit To Telling The Truth

It really can be as simple as that! Know that when you’re with your lawyer, you’ll tell the whole truth all the time. Keep this commitment to yourself.

3. Find A Method That Works For You

If you find it incredibly difficult to tell the truth, then find a method that works — such as writing everything down before you head to the law firm.

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