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No matter whether it’s an uncontested divorce or not, there’s no denying that separation will be difficult. The process can be draining emotionally and financially, but our divorce lawyer in Tempe is here to help. 

Here at The Law Office of Ronald Kossack, we believe we’re the law firm you’ve been looking for. Why? Well, because we check off everything on this list! In today’s blog, we’ve put together a list of what we believe to be the seven most important aspects to look for when choosing a divorce lawyer. We work with clients throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, and, of course, Tempe, so contact us today if you’re considering filing for divorce or have questions about divorce, child support, child custody, or another aspect of family law. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.


Hopefully, you won’t have to walk away from a law firm you thought was perfect for you because of a prohibitive cost; however, it’s vital to understand pricing and expectations from the beginning so you are prepared for the divorce process and life afterward. Check out Do These 5 Things to Be Financially Ready for Divorce and 5 Tips for Managing Finances During Your Divorce for more financial advice and information.


If a divorce lawyer is too busy to even meet with you for an initial consultation, then you can imagine how they’ll be during the divorce process when you have questions. Make sure to ask about availability so you can be sure you have a partner on your side.


You’ll communicate with your divorce lawyer a lot about a variety of topics. Make sure they have clear, frequent communication and that you’re comfortable discussing difficult topics with them.

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Now, it’s important that you find a divorce lawyer who not only has a lot of experience in the industry but also in cases like yours. If you’re going through a complicated child custody case, for example, they should have experience with that.


Don’t misunderstand: you should respect your divorce lawyer’s time just as you would anyone else’s. That being said, you should definitely work to find a divorce lawyer who is passionate and patient — someone who will help you feel calm during the divorce process. Check out 5 Tips for Improved Mental Health During the Divorce Process for more tips.


Of course, qualifications should be near the top of the list, right alongside experience. Find a divorce lawyer in Tempe with the qualifications, licenses, etc. needed to represent you well.


Last but not least, be sure to check out a potential divorce lawyer’s online reputation. One or two bad reviews aren’t a red flag, but multiple reviews citing the same problem could be.

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