When you get divorced or you separate from your partner and you have children, the non-custodial parent will need to pay child support. While it can be discouraging to hear that you need to pay your ex-partner child support, the money is going to help the children with their day-to-day needs. That can mean anything from schooling to clothing. Child support offers the financial resources for a two-parent household despite the fact that there’s only one parent. Your child will be supported and still be able to have all of their needs met.

However, as the non-custodial parent, it can be difficult to make those payments. It’s vital that you do, but sometimes circumstances change and it can be in your best interest to modify the court order to match it to your current lifestyle. If you’re interested in modifying your court order because your circumstances have changed, then The Law Office Of Ronald Kossack can help you work to modify an existing order. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our Top Rated Local® Law Firm.

What Is A Modification To An Existing Order?

Life can be very unpredictable. Many changes occur over time, which is why modifying existing orders can be very beneficial. A court order was administered by a court, but over the years when circumstances change, you can apply for a modification to an existing order. This can be very helpful for those who experience changes in income, health, and even the children. Modifying an existing order makes it easier for you to deal with those unpredictable changes without putting yourself or your children in financial jeopardy.

Why Can Cause Child Support To Be Modified?

What can cause an order to be modified? What needs to happen for you to talk to a divorce lawyer to change your current child support court order? There are many different factors that can change child support. Loss of income is one of the most common reasons that child support can be adjusted. If you’ve lost your job and have to file unemployment, then this can be a common reason to modify a child support court order.

However, there are other issues that are taken into consideration with child support modifications. Health is a pretty big issue. If your health begins to suffer, then child support can be modified. Other factors include parenting time, emancipation of children, children grow older (such as not needing daycare or paying for aftercare), spousal support, and any additional child support one parent may be receiving.

How To Modify Child Support In Arizona

In the state of Arizona, you’ll need to follow some rules and regulations to modify support. Child support modifications occur through A.R.S. §25-327 and paragraph 24 of the Arizona Child Support Guidelines. It’s required that there is a showing of “changed circumstances that are substantial and continuing.” This means that to apply for a court order modification something needs to have changed in your situation to be a viable candidate. This prevents child support from increasing and decreasing frequently for any small change that may occur in your or your spouse’s life.

With that in mind, when you apply for a modified existing order of child support, you’ll need to contact a divorce lawyer who can look at your situation and determine the best method to move forward. A lawyer can look at your situation and determine if your circumstances have changed enough to decide that a modification is in order.

Once you’ve talked a lawyer, you’ll want to file a request with your attorney or you can go through the Division Of Child Support Services to request a modification. Either option can allow you to present the changed circumstances to determine if a modification can be considered. It’s really up to you to determine how you’d like to file, but it can take up to 180 days to have you modification request looked over.

Additionally, each case is different and the court will need to verify the changes in finances from the inception of the arrangement. The court will also need documents, which a divorce lawyer can help you gather.

For more information about modifications, take the time to discuss your options with a divorce lawyer.