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The road to divorce is different for every couple, but each is just as challenging on every level, from emotional to financial and mental. After all, you’ve spent years with this person and may share children together, and now your marriage is ending. It’s definitely not a scenario couples envision on their perfect wedding day.

The Law Office Of Ronald Kossack offers family law services, including help with your divorce, in Tempe and the surrounding areas, including Phoenix and Chandler. We can help with all aspects of divorce, from child custody and child support to divorce mediation and prenuptial agreements. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how to heal when your divorce is caused by an affair. Contact us today for a free consultation!


Let Go of the Guilt

An affair for most people in a committed relationship is the ultimate betrayal. After pledging yourself to one person and having the other person find someone else, you can be completely, totally, and utterly devastated. That being said, when your spouse cheats on you, your first thought may be about what you did wrong to cause an affair. The Law Office of Ronald Kossack wants you to know that you did nothing wrong. You didn’t make the decision that led to the affair; your spouse did. You should not feel guilty, apologetic, or ashamed. If you are struggling with these feelings, you need to let them go.

Accept It

Many spouses have a hard time accepting the fact that their spouse did cheat on them and now they are getting a divorce. Everything may feel surreal as your life is now turned upside down. However, instead of fighting it, The Law Office of Ronald Kossack advises that you accept your new reality. It will probably be harder to do than to say, but you’ll be able to heal much faster than if you fought it.

Look Towards the Future

While everything about a divorce is terrible, from breaking up the family to broken hearts, you can look towards the future. The Law Office of Ronald Kossack advises that although you may be down at the moment, the future is bright. There will be a time where you find happiness again, and you may even find love again. The future holds limitless opportunities. In addition to healing, you’ll also grow as a person.

Fake It Till You Make It

Our divorce lawyers at The Law Office of Ronald Kossack love this saying because we believe that what you think about most will become your reality. Thus, even though you may not feel like engaging with the world, it truly is the best medicine for you right now. Isolating yourself is not helpful and can only make your feelings worse. Instead of bemoaning your life right now, lie about it, and say everything is going great. Smile often, and do random acts of kindness. Soon enough, your mood will follow.

Find a Good Therapist

Therapists have a variety of tools at their disposal to help you process your feelings and move on with your life after an affair. Plus, they listen and can offer constructive advice when you need it the most. The Law Office of Ronald Kossack recommends that you find a good family therapist as well that, if your kids are old enough, can go with you as well if they are struggling with all of the changes, too. Sometimes just getting your feelings out is just what you need to move on.

Learn From This Experience

Although you didn’t cause the affair, there may be mistakes you made along the way that, in hindsight, you recognize as not positive for your marriage. As your life moves on and you begin once again to date and perhaps enter into a new relationship, you need to be able to learn from your past marriage so that you can become a better person. You will grow stronger as a result, and you will be able to support your kids through it. If you change your mindset to positivity, you will see drastic changes in all areas of your life.


As top-notch divorce lawyers in Tempe, The Law Office of Ronald Kossack offers representation in all aspects of divorce and family law, from mediation and trial litigation to child custody and alimony. No matter what stage you are at in your divorce, whether you are thinking about filing after discovering an affair or you are headed back to court for an alimony dispute, we can help. Our experienced law team has more than 20 years helping people navigate the murky waters of divorce. When you partner with us, we’ll be your staunch advocate, working tirelessly to garner the most favorable outcome for you, whether that is a settlement or a trial. We are upfront and honest about your divorce case, and we’re here to answer all of your questions.

The divorce attorneys at The Law Office of Ronald Kossack in Tempe want to help you remove the burden of the logistics of your divorce from your shoulders so you can focus on healing and on your family during this difficult time. We offer a free consultation where we can discuss the aspects of your divorce situation and offer you our legal advice. Call today!