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The dreaded “d” word is a word most newlywed couples never dream they’d have to face. Yet, nearly half of all marriages end in divorce so many couples will eventually have to face this word — divorce.

The Law Office of Ronald Kossack in Tempe offers divorce and family law representation. Our divorce lawyers work as a team in order to obtain the most favorable outcome in your divorce or family law case. We employ experts when we need to in order to ensure your financial, mental, and emotional needs, as well as that of your family’s, are met. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how to heal when an addiction causes your divorce. Contact us today for a free consultation!


Join a Support Group

Surprisingly, addiction is the third most common reason for a divorce. That means that you are not facing this dilemma alone. Oftentimes, there are support groups for those affected by addiction. Here, the focus is on you, as it should be. It addresses questions on how to rebuild after an addiction-related divorce and how to move forward with your life.

In addition, you’ll meet a lot of people who were in your shoes. They will understand exactly what you went through and the hardships you face. They can offer great words or wisdom and advice based on their experiences in moving forward. The Law Office of Ronald Kossack notes that it’s important not to feel alone and to feel understanding in your divorce outcome. This can also help you overcome any guilt or shame you may be experiencing as well. You’ll find that you may recover faster with people who can help.

Return to a Sense of Normalcy

This tip can be one of the hardest, depending on how long you lived with your addicted spouse. It could be to you screaming, physical confrontation, and all around unpleasantness was your normal. Now, you have to try to remember what life was like before addiction and before marriage.

In addition, The Law Office of Ronald Kossack recommends that you beware for forming your own addiction, such as addiction to food or lethargicness. You are in a vulnerable place, which is where addiction tends to rear its ugly head. Also, forming a support team around you of friends, family, and co-workers is important so you can always have someone you can talk to. You may even want to spend a few weeks with a best friend or even with your parents. You are at risk of social isolation as well, which could hinder your recovery.

Create New, Healthy Habits & Routines

Routines are great because they allow our brain to function on auto-pilot, which saves us from having to think too hard about mundane things. When you get back into the swing of sleeping, work, and life, you’ll find your days are brighter every day. Now is a great time to create new, healthy habits as well, such as starting a new diet, joining a gym, or picking up a new hobby you’ve always wanted to do, such as painting or dancing. The Law Office of Ronald Kossack notes that the key is keeping busy enough so you don’t dwell on the past all that often, and so you keep moving forward in your new life.


Addiction can feel like a complete loss of control when you’re the person struggling with an addiction, such as an addiction to drugs or alcohol. When you’re the spouse, you can feel completely helpless and overwhelmed, and if the addiction crosses over to domestic violence — or you are afraid it might — divorce is often the result.

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The divorce attorneys work together as a team in order to create the best strategy that will yield the best possible outcome in your divorce case. We work together and bring in experts when needed in order to ensure you get what you need with regards to child support and alimony. We will offer advice when needed and tell you honestly where we think you stand with regards to different issues. You can rest assured that when you partner with us, your needs will be taken care of. Contact us today for a free consultation!