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We all know how important money is to life. Money can heavilty control your lifestyle, what you can do and what you can’t do, as well as what kind of house you can afford, car you can drive, dog you can buy, and the list just goes on. While that may not be important to some people, money can cause conflicts in marriage when there is a difference in how it will be spent. In fact, money is the most cited reason for divorce.

The Law Office of Ronald Kossack in Tempe offers the best divorce and family law services. For over 20 years, we’ve been helping people get through this difficult time in their lives and move forward with their next chapter. We endeavor to take the legalities of divorce from off your plate so you can concentrate on taking care of you and your family. Below, we’ll offer up tips for when money is the reason for your divorce. Contact us today for a free consultation!


Do You Need to Change Your Ways?

Many of our attitudes we have about money we inherited from our parents unknowingly. For example, if your parents were spenders, odds are, you will grow up to be spenders as well. If your parents saved their money, you will save too. If your parents splurged on luxuries, you may as well. These spending habits were subconsciously ingrained in our minds, which may contribute to the spending decisions we make today.

The Law Office of Ronald Kossack recommends that you discover these underlying beliefs about money with the help of a counselor. He or she can give you the tools you need to first recognize these underlying beliefs and then work to change them if need be. For example, if you tend to shop when you are depressed, they can help you replace that urge with something much more positive, like going for coffee with a friend instead. The main point of this is not to repeat the same money mistakes if you get into another relationship. While it may not be your money beliefs that your marriage ended in divorce, if it was a contributing factor, having your beliefs changed can serve you in the long run.

Was a Financial Infidelity Committed?

Similar to regular infidelity, a financial infidelity is when one spouse hides finances or financial transactions from another. Examples of this include hiding debt, spending, financial investments, or gambling. There are many reasons that people can commit financial infidelity, including pent-up anger in a marriage, on-going differences in how money should be spent, and different aspirations in life. However, when you hide something that ends up costing a lot of money, it will hurt your spouse and he or she may feel betrayed. If it was an on-going and a continual financial infidelity, this could have caused your divorce.

The divorce lawyers at The Law Office of Ronald Kossack recommend professional help as well. Often, when it comes to money, there is an underlying emotional issue that is driving this infidelity, such as wishing to get back at your spouse of a different hurt, that needs to be resolved before you can move forward with your life.

Overwhelming Stress From Money Woes

Let’s face it, having no money (and most of us have been there) is no fun at all. It can be an extremely trying time on a marriage when you can’t pay your bills, creditors are calling, you’re facing foreclosure, and the like. In fact, you spend all of your excess energy on your money problems that you have nothing left to give, and all you can do is fight with your spouse. While many couples do navigate the periods in their lives when cash is strained, many don’t, leading to divorce.

The Law Office of Ronald Kossack recommends that if your marriage ended because of overwhelming stress from money problems, debt, and big ticket items, there is hope. You now have the opportunity to return to school if you like to develop better career prospects, or move across the country to where there are more job opportunities. Just because your marriage failed due to money woes, doesn’t mean you are doomed to face money problems the rest of your life. Never give up hope.


The Law Office of Ronald Kossack is a top-notch divorce and family law firm located in Tempe. We serve Tempe and the surrounding areas, including Phoenix and Gilbert, during this difficult time in your life. If you are facing money problems already, call us, and we can work out a plan. We believe that everyone should have the burden of the legalities of divorce removed so that they can focus on themselves and their families. Our collaborative team works diligently to ensure that your wants and desires for this divorce have the best possible chance. Contact us today to get started!