Divorce is an emotional and stressful experience, and if you have to go to divorce court, it can be even more stressful. However, with a divorce lawyer like Ronald Kossack at your side, you don’t need to be worried! 

In today’s blog post, we’re outlining the steps for how to prepare for divorce court. Hopefully, this information helps you feel less overwhelmed. Continue reading to learn more, and if you’re in need of a divorce lawyer in Tempe, contact the Law Office of Ronald Kossack today. 


Prepare for the initial hearing

When you initially filed for divorce, you had to complete financial affidavits that contain information about your income, assets, and debts. Collect these forms and make a couple of extra copies of all the documents in case the judge misplaced theirs.

Know what type of divorce hearing you’re heading into — contested or uncontested. If you’ve met with a divorce lawyer, they will help you determine what type of hearing you’re entering. In essence, a contested divorce is when you disagree on some portion of the divorce arrangement, such as child custody, child support, or division of property. An uncontested divorce is when you agree on everything, and your initial hearing may be the only time you have to appear in divorce court.

Come with a parenting plan

Even if you’re in a contested divorce, it’s better to have a parenting plan in place before you go to trial. This plan can be temporary, and it includes when your child will stay with each parent and how you will transport them between places. Your divorce lawyer can help you draft this parenting plan.

If you haven’t come up with a plan yourself, the judge will have to determine temporary arrangements, and they will often choose to keep the current living arrangements until you have a child custody trial. 

Dress professionally

When you’re going before a judge, you want to convince them that you’re a serious person. While you don’t have to wear a suit, you should wear something clean and conservative. Think of what you would wear to a job interview. Avoid jeans, loud jewelry, and hats. If you have questions about what you should wear, the Law Office of Ronald Kossack can help. As a Tempe divorce lawyer, he has extensive experience in court and can advise you. 

Get daycare for your children

There’s no daycare at court, and your children may be loud and unruly in the courtroom. More so, some judges don’t like it when children are present in their courtroom, and your goal is to stay in their good graces. Find someone who can look after them for a while.

Arrive early

You don’t want to be late for your divorce case. Give yourself plenty of time to find parking and figure out where you need to go. When you arrive, tell the bailiff your name and case number. Turn off your cell phone and don’t bring any food or beverages into the courtroom. Give yourself time to mentally prepare and talk with your divorce lawyer before entering the courtroom. 

Remember what you’re there for

Even if you’re in a difficult, contested divorce, remember to say focused on the big picture. Try not to get bogged down on the little things or on trying to be right. Instead, remember that the divorce process will affect you and your children for years to come, and you want that future to be bright. Nobody wins in a divorce, but if you focus on your future instead of the painful past, you’ll have a better chance of achieving a divorce settlement that you can feel comfortable and satisfied with.

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